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Regulation of Digital Asset Trading?

  • (1)Cash or Digital Asset must be transferred to the CAX’s system by the client for setting up buying order or selling order in any case.
  • (2)The clients have to set buying order or selling order in any case. Buying order or selling order may set up into 2 types; client satisfaction price or market price.
  • (3)Buying order or selling order will be matched by the system under the principles as follow:
    • (a)  If the buying offer price is less than the selling offer price, the system will not match up.
    • (b)  When the buying offer price is equal or higher than the selling offer price, the system will matching the transaction by assume to the buying offer price.
      • For example,
      • Mr.A set the buying order to buy 1 HPC at 100 BAHT.
      • Mr.B set the selling order to sell 1 HPC at 90 BAHT.
      • The system will matching up the transaction of HPC at 90 BAHT.
    • (c)  In case of buying offer price is equal or higher than selling offer price from 2 offers, the system will match up the buying order or selling order which the first order and respectively arrange as First in First out theoretically.

Regulation of Delisting?

  • (1)The significant documents or information which provided to CAX for examination are false, incomplete or invalid.
  • (2)The provider is not operate in the significant part along to the marketing plan for the token’s price stability protection, business plan or affirmative in accordance with white paper.
  • (3)The token may causes the seriously damage to the investor or CAX have any reasonable factors to delist.

  • CAX must preserve the fact as the secret. In the seriously case, board of director of CAX must suddenly have an order to delist the token from the system and publishes to the client. The client will have the right to withdraw the token from the system only but there is no right to exchange anymore.

    In not seriously case, CAX have to notice to the provider for clarify within 30 days from the day of acknowledgement. Moreover, the provider have to provider the solving plan to CAX within the above period of time. If CAX agreed to the solving plan, CAX may offer the period of time to the provider for solving but not more than 3 days. If appear that the provider is default or cannot fix the problem, CAX shall delist the token and inform to the SEC Board.

    CAX may consider to temporarily suspend the token trading instead of the delisting, if the temporarily suspend will be more advantage for the client than the permanent delisting.

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